Interesting reads — volume #12

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Hey! Another month has almost passed and that means that it is time for me to get motivated, write an intro, and carefully select interesting links from collected ones with a short text written for each of them.

We again have a selection of PHP (mostly Laravel but there are Symfony and WordPress reads as well) and JavaScript (React). Though there is a lot of assorted tech reads as well (and some CSS ones).

I hope you’ll enjoy the selection.

Did you recently switched technology stack at your company and want to tell the world? Well, look no further saagarjha has already written the text for you. You just replace the name of the company and the new (and old) technology and you are good to go 😜

Wikipedia defines the IKEA effect as “a cognitive bias in which consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created”. Read how this applies to development and how to get rid of it. And while we’re at the subject of IKEA how cool are these homemade forts instructions released by IKEA?

Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions, and understand systems. Make sure to visit this website once in a while as they are adding new stuff regularly.

I’ve been having doubts about the longevity of a programmer’s career. Not sure if I’m hitting a mid-life crisis or just a regular existential one 🥳 It is nice and reassuring to see that I have over 30 years to go still and to see that “old developers” exist. Now, off to find if young pigeons exist as this is puzzling me as much as old developers 😃

Overview of privacy issues (and solutions of course) that you may run into while building your products.

Details on how React rendering behaves, and how the use of Context and React-Redux affect rendering. If you’re at all interested in deep diving into React abyss this is a must-read.

You think you know JavaScript? Guess again :) Read (and answer) this amazing set of questions to check your knowledge and fill its gaps. Great as a pre-interview repetition.

Awesome course for learning how to write performant Eloquent (and DB) queries to speed up your application and push more work to the database layer. This is definitely a purchase that has returns its value very soon. If you don’t believe me watch the two free preview lessons.

Awesome collection of tips for writing clean code in your Laravel products. Even commended by the Laravel man himself — Taylor Otwell.

Excellent overview of the top 10 OWASP security risks with an explanation of how the Symfony framework is handling them as well as what you need to do to protect your app. I’d like to see an overview like this for Laravel though a lot of suggestions can be easily reused as-is.

A cheatsheet with a list of evergreen CSS problems and modern solutions for them (with detailed explanations of given solutions) by Stephanie Eckles. Some of the solved problems included are equal heights column and fixed footer.

Free collection of blocks (or templates) for the Tailwind CSS framework.

This is an essential WordPress plugin for any WooCommerce shop. With it, you can easily edit (both content and visually) all outgoing emails without needing to override templates or using hooks and filters. And best of all — it is free!

At the start of each month I’m stressing that I won’t find enough interesting links to share, but as month progresses and links keeps coming in, I’m stressing which one to leave out 🤔 If you’ve found anything that you’ve liked don’t forget to 👏

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