Interesting reads — volume #11

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash
Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

This month there may be more React links than usual due to me building a new web app using React hooks and learning the intricacies of hooks to stop DDoSing my app 😜

As there are 12+ interesting articles and you don’t have the time to read all of them, do not skip over the last one — “68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice”. There are also few short but appetizing reads.

I was planning to test out GitHub’s actions and deployment was the one that made the most sense to me. This awesome article from CSS Tricks teaches us how to deploy and build your WordPress theme but it definitely can be used for anything else as well. It builds your package with Composer and NPM and uses rsync to copy files over to your production server.

If you are interested in DB migrations and deploying Laravel apps check, or as they have good ideas and tips.

Overview of how to build a WP Gutenberg block by Peter Tasker. It leverages the latest tips, tricks, and tools such as create-guten-block. You don’t have to be a React expert to follow along and to build your own block.

Overview of most used React hooks with a detailed explanation when each of them is being used during component rendering lifecycle. Do read it if you are starting using React hooks and before you start DDoSing your own API endpoints. And while we’re discussing React Hooks, Kent C Dodds has written an excellent article on useMemo and useCallback hooks.

Awesome little helper in Chrome DevTools that can be quite handy and can save you the time to manually write console.log. As I don’t write a lot of JavaScript, console.log is my go-to debugging tool. I know you still use it too 😉

180 favorite JavaScript Utilities in a single line of code! This one is definitely worth bookmarking.

Learn how to integrate a state-of-the-art machine learning model into a Slack bot to generate a summary of articles shared by their URL commonly known as TLDR; (too long, didn’t read). It uses, serverless framework deployed on AWS Lambda and AWS SQS.

Newsletter email course with great tips on blogging for newbs like me. JK, I believe everybody will find something useful there. Each day/email you get homework to work on :) If you’re interested in writing articles for money check out this great overview:

By reading this amazing and inspiring article from one of the most coveted WordPress web agencies I’ve learned that B Corps exists and that the movement is marching ahead ( Faith in humanity and capitalism restored 😀

Fascinating article about food delivery business (Doordash and Uber Eats), which starts to look a lot like a negative-sum game (where at the end everybody is at loss). At best 😀

Awesome pieces of advice by Kevin Kelly (an author and former executive editor of Wired). The one that resonates with me the most is: “Acquiring things will rarely bring you deep satisfaction. But acquiring experiences will.” You need to bookmark this and read it once a week until you memorize them all.

So far sticking to daily scheduled 5 minutes of preparing content for Interesting Reads is working for me. Some days I’m spending less than 5 mins and just saving the links I find worthy, and on some, I spend more time and write a description for those links. I hope this becomes a habit soon so I can remove daily reminders.

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