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Trends, as well as frameworks, comes and goes. Heck, JavaScript frameworks come and go each day 😂

Fundamentals are forever. So it would be wise to invest your time to grow those.

Although this article is written for software developers, I believe there are some universal truths here everybody can learn from.


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Like the whole internet and their grandma, I started writing a “2020: Year in review” article.

For those living under a rock, or who do not have a grandma, a “Year in review” article is an overview of your business, professional, personal, and family accomplishments in the last year. “Enlightened” ones tend to sprinkle it with few failures just to appear modest and down to earth :-)

After finishing a draft of all major sections and subsections my list of accomplishments was turning into a list of failures. Everywhere I just saw things I failed to do. Projects I failed…

Woohoo, we’re already at lucky number 13! Did you know that number 13 is considered lucky to the Chinese?

Right, better get right into scrolling (and clicking hopefully)! Featuring @adamwathan, @marcelpociot, @calebporzio and many others.

Expose & Laravel Playground

Marcel Pociot was productive in the last couple of months and created Expose, free open-source tunneling service (ngrok alternative) written in pure PHP. It allows you to share your local websites with others via the internet.

He also created Laravel Playground — a free-to-use service that allows you to try out Laravel code (and all its features) directly in your browser.

I greatly admire people…

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Hey! Another month has almost passed and that means that it is time for me to get motivated, write an intro, and carefully select interesting links from collected ones with a short text written for each of them.

We again have a selection of PHP (mostly Laravel but there are Symfony and WordPress reads as well) and JavaScript (React). Though there is a lot of assorted tech reads as well (and some CSS ones).

I hope you’ll enjoy the selection.


Did you recently switched technology stack at your company and want to tell the world? Well, look no further…

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash
Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash
Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

This month there may be more React links than usual due to me building a new web app using React hooks and learning the intricacies of hooks to stop DDoSing my app 😜

As there are 12+ interesting articles and you don’t have the time to read all of them, do not skip over the last one — “68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice”. There are also few short but appetizing reads.

Continuous Deployments for WordPress Using GitHub Actions

I was planning to test out GitHub’s actions and deployment was the one that made the most sense to me. This awesome article from CSS Tricks teaches us how…

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Another month has passed so it is time for another collection of interesting reads collected in the last month or so. Some links are a bit older but good and applicable nonetheless. Mostly PHP and JavaScript this time but there are a few unrelated gems as always.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to clap.

Btw. this is the tenth issue. In only took me three years and three and a half months! I’m high-fiving myself right now to congratulate myself on perseverance 🙏

How to Run a Successful Online Conference

Ian Landsman goes into great detail on how to organize an online conference and uses Laracon Online as…

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I know you’ve been impatiently waiting for this month’s installment of Interesting Reads. Again, a collection of mostly PHP, Laravel, WordPress and JavaScript links but there should be something for everybody to enjoy.

COVID-19 has forced me to spend way too much time indoors so I’ve been keeping myself busy with reading, I just finished reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott and I want to recommend this to everyone who is a boss or has a boss. …

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A curated list of interesting articles, tweets, books, and podcasts mainly (but not exclusively) about web development.

I bet you thought I won’t be able to deliver interesting reads for two months in a row? Well, aren’t you a pessimist :) To be honest, I’m surprised myself that I did.

It seems that the trick of spending 5 minutes on it every day is working for me. So if you are having trouble with grit, here is what you need to do — dedicate 5 mins each day for the task that you are having a problem with and add…

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Good news, by popular demand (wink wink Zvonko) I’m continuing with Interesting reads. I know what you’re thinking — your year could not have started with better news than this :D

Inspired by Zoran Jambor and his latest issue of Interesting Bits of compounding effect of spending 5 minutes of your time daily on something and his amazing perseverance with his CSS Weekly newsletter (394 issues almost without skipping a week).

Powered by a simple trick of adding 5 minutes recurring event each working day to my calendar :)

Now that I (and Zoran mostly) have properly inspired you, let…

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Long time no see! The previous volume of Interesting reads was last May. Not that there wasn’t anything interesting to read in the period — I just got lazy and my procrastination got the better of me. It is hard to stick to schedule, even loose one as mine was :)

Well, it could be that renewing this “publication” is a part of my new year resolution? Nah, I don’t like resolutions cause I only get disappointed with myself at the end of the year when I recap last year resolutions :/

Anyhow, in this volume, there are a couple…

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